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COURTS   OP   PARIS,   NAPLESj   ETC*                 45

and Introduced Count Alfieri, He Is melancholy-
looking and reserved, but very clever.

The anti-Court people say of the Queen that
the difference between her and Madame du BarrI
is, that the latter ss qultta le public pour le roi, et
la reine quitte le roi pour le public/9 Very

The fate of favourites has ever been the same.
Madame de Maintenon, seeing some carp which
did not look happy, being put into the lake, said
to someone, " Elles sont comme moi — elles
regrettent leur bourbe;" and Madame de Pompa-
dour once said to the Duke de Choiseul, "Je
voudrais Łtre morte I si vous saviez ce que c'est
que d'etre obligee d'amuser toujours nn b6te qui

4th. A party at Madame Hubers, where we
met Madame de Stael, daughter to Necker, She
is clever, dictatorial, talkative and seemingly not
unaware of her own merits. She is very plain,
and. I am told she said, *']e donnerais la moiti6
de mon esprit pour la beaut6 de Madame de
Simlani/' who is thought the handsomest woman
now In Paris.

Madame de Stael went to a bal masque, dis-

i Mr. Swinburne ought rather to have said " most calum-